Day 268 - Still loving it

This Life We Live

We are camped outside Cottonwood, AZ for the next few weeks. A 20 minute or so drive northeast to the red rock hiking haven of Sedona, and about 45 minutes from the peaceful forests of Prescott to the southwest. It suits us well. This is our sixth extended visit to the area, and it gets more comfortable every time we arrive. As they say, “Home is where we park it”.

Over the last few weeks we seem to have run into more people that ask “where are you from?” Our answers range from “wherever our house is” to “we are nomads” and sometimes we just give them a big smile and say “wherever our hearts take us”.  We see the look of confusion wash over the face, and then the "aha" moment. "Oh you mean you live in a RV?"  Some people have A LOT of questions, and others like to also share their experiences. We do get the occasional glance that can only mean - "gee, I feel sorry for you, you are homeless."  


We follow the weather, in search of 80’ days and 40’ nights. North and south, east and west, we travel along staying a few days or a few weeks – just depends on how much we find to our liking in the area.

We realize that this life isn’t for everyone. We live frugally, but not poorly. We take care of ourselves, both mentally and physically….and we take care of each other. Day 268 of what we hope will end up to be in the 1000’s.