The Big 500!

We keep track of pretty much everything on the road. Our favorite boondock spots, best swimming holes and restaurants. The money we spend of course, or we wouldn't be able to do this, the miles that we travel - and yes the days we have been on the road. This last week we surpassed the BIG 500! I think I can safely say that we have now found a "lifestyle", and we are not just on an extended vacation.

We know we are fortunate. To not only be able to experience this country at such a slow pace, but to also be able to bring the grandsons a couple times a year on the journey with us. To have our health and the physical ability to go about our days in the way we want.

This lifestyle is not for everyone, at least the way we have adapted it to us. But adapted we have...and I can only hope that the next 500 days will be filled with many more of the adventures we have come to love.