Jerome and the Crazy Kaleidoscope Adventure

Took a beautiful day trip up to Jerome with Ron & Kathy. A town built into the side of the mountain it originally was settled and built upon the wealth of copper mining. At one time the population exceeded 15,000 and it was the center of commerce for the entire Verde Valley area. By the 1950’s the population had decreased to around 50 full-time residents and over the next twenty or so years the town started to slowly rebuild as artists came in and settled themselves in this beautiful scenic area. It’s present day incarnation is as a tourist destination. It reminds us somewhat of Virginia City, NV due to the quirkiness of the stores and their ability to re-invent themselves to appeal to tourists young and old. From wine tasting rooms, art stores, museums , bars and restaurants…there is plenty to see and do around town, but no visit would be complete without a trip to the KALEIDOSCOPE STORE! That’s right, an entire store devoted to just kaleidoscopes! Trust me, and go.

Most of these pics were taken through the opening of the
kaleidoscope using my iPhone