Oregon Dunes


The Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area is a short mile from where we are camped here in South Jetty. I had wanted to take the boys on a sand rail tour of the dunes, but after Bob’s research, and the $300.00 price tag, he decided that we could do our own thing in our Jeep. Packed a picnic, purchased an OHV permit, mounted a flag on the back as required - and we were off.

I am not a big “thrill-seeker”, and I only had to close my eyes a couple times, ok - maybe a few - and we made it over the multiple 200ft+. dunes to safely arrive down at the beach.

The boys climbed and rolled on the dunes, had a picnic and I walked the beach in search of shells. Slight feeling of “we’re lost” getting back out -but trust Bob, we made it.