Pacific City, OR

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A few days after the boys flew home we moved up the coast 100 miles or so. Long travel day :} Pacific City was a new town for us to explore and the camp area we choose, while slightly challenging for Bob due to the small windy roads, and the size of our bus, was super spacious and private. We lucked out and got a spot right next to the trail down to the beach. In the afternoon when I would sit outside to read I could hear the ocean as the waves broke onto shore. I closed my eyes and was transported back to our days of living on the coastline of South Carolina and Hawaii. Can’t think of a more peaceful way to read, fall asleep and wake.

Pacific City also offered us the chance to unplug for a couple weeks. There was no cell service to speak of, and even with the booster that we have, we couldn’t pick up any internet. I actually was loving it, as it gave me a chance to get caught up on some reading and explore the coastline. When needed, they had a lovely little library in town with super fast download/upload speeds. It was the perfect spot to catch up on some work and emails.

Located on the Three Capes Scenic Drive, Pacific City is at the southern most point, right where we also found Pelican Brewery overlooking Cape Kiwanda. Over the next couple weeks we ventured north to see what kind of trouble we could get into. We had done some research on the Ipad at the library and screenshot some locations where agates could be found. Yep, we were on the hunt again.

And….as luck would have it, right off the bat I found a couple bricks to mail to Michelle. Mossy and vivid green they will find their way to her garden soon. Little side story for those of you that don’t know about how we keep the USPS guessing some days how one medium FLAT RATE box can weigh so much. Flashback to ten years or so ago when my dear friend Michelle and I were traveling to Chicago for a work/play trip. We had rented bikes at the Navy Pier to get around downtown for the week. We found a brick on the shoreline of Lake Michigan. It had floated up just for us - all the way from the other side and was stamped with Ohio??? if memory serves me correctly. We carted the brick back on our bikes to the hotel, and it joined another we later found in the downtown area. These two heavy pieces of clay and sand started a tradition for my travels. Michelle had decided that she would use them to help form a brick pathway she wanted to wind through her garden. I started to search for a brick from different places along our travles. I wish I had kept track of all the locations that now make up part of her path in the garden, but Duxbury, MA, Grand Tetons, Death Valley, McConnells SC, Jacksonville FL, Jerome AZ, Suwanee River, FL, Sedona & Williams AZ, and now Pacific City OR are just some of the finds. She says her path is almost finished, but our travels aren’t. May need to convince her to keep adding onto her garden.

Three Capes Loop (not technically a loop as part of the road washed out)
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