The Landing

...your off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So...get on your way!
— Dr. Seuss

We have been back in the Florence area on the coast of Oregon the last three weeks, and to anyone that has spoken with us during that time now knows - we have found our “landing”. Since we sold The Flower Tree and Bob retired back in 2013, we have been on the search for our landing spot. We have traveled the country, north to south, east to west - to find an area where we thought we wanted to live out our days. We actually had made pretty serious plans to move to the east coast of Florida. Close to our family, and the weather is pretty perfect most of the time, it had a lot of what we were searching for. Then we came back to the West, and spent four months on the coast of Oregon and Washington and realized that this is where we will call home. Yes, we know it rains in the winter - you don’t get these shades of vivid green surrounding you without it. But we figure that is when we will travel to see family back east, and camp down in the Arizona desert. After 35 years on this side of our beautiful country, we realized we are still “West Obsessed”.

Anyone that knows us very well also knows Bob and I are water people, and this town situated smack dab in the middle of the Siuslaw National Forest, at the base of the Siuslaw River, on the beautiful rugged coast of the Pacific fits all our needs. Plans are to be back here in early Spring, find a house and settle in. For now we are hitting the road tomorrow to continue a few more months of the “Friends & Family Tour”.

We may be landing - but we aren’t slowing down.

Heceta Lighthouse / 15 miles north of Florence

Heceta Lighthouse / 15 miles north of Florence