Bonnie Boys are Back!!!!

The big white truck pulls into the parking lot, bright green letters on the side spelling out "Bonnie Plants", but what it really means is "Spring is Officially Here". This last week marked the arrival of the first of many, many shipments over the next few months of Bonnie vegetables and herbs. Andrew, territory manager for Bonnie Plants, pulls in with a smile that is always welcome. We talked about some of the new varieties they will have this year and their new location in Hazen.
He started to tell me about the cabbage program that they were doing in the schools again this year, and we got onto the conversation of community gardens. I told him about one of our gardeners that had just told me her church was doing something along these lines. In typical Andrew fashion, he said to me "follow me to the truck, let's get some plants to give to them." We picked out some cabbage plants and I went in to call Kristen Mincer to tell her about the donation. A few hours later her family arrived to pick up the plants. They will be planted at the new community garden at the Church of the Nazarene in Fallon. If you have a project affiliated with your church to feed the community, just let us know. I am sure that Andrew will find some plants in the truck for you also. There is a small amount of paperwork to fill out, but the benefits are well worth the time.

As you see the Bonnie truck in our parking lot, take the time to say hello to Andrew. He carries a wealth of information about the plants that Bonnie's grows, as well as a wonderful enthusiasm for gardening and life in general. We are glad to see him back in the neighborhood!

The Bonnie Plants website is filled with great information on what they grow, as well as gardening in general.