Dr. Earth ~ ready ~ set ~ go!

Many of you have might have met Mike McLain at our nursery sometime during the past 7 years. When I first bought the nursery he stopped by to introduce himself as our sales rep for all of the Kelloggs products, (Amend, Gromulch etc) but more importantly of Dr. Earth Organics. He assisted me in finding the right mix of products for our area while "gently" persuading me to try what Dr. Earth had to offer. I have thought many times where my own garden would be if not for these great organics. Not very far! I am a convert, and if you have ever asked my opinion of what you should be using in your garden, hopefully you are now a convert also. I could go on and on about what Dr. Earth has to offer in the way of mycrohizza, and the perfect mix of micro organisms so desperately needed in our valley. Our Dr. Earth section is now freshly stocked and overflowing with all of their products and you won't go wrong with a one of them.

But this is only partly about Dr. Earth. What I really want to say is a huge public thank you to Mike! Through his quiet demeanor and steadfast commitment to organics and the environment he has taught me, and all of us at the nursery so much. He has a commitment to his products and takes the time to teach us about the value and importance of each one. If you are lucky enough to see his smiling face when you visit the nursery, take a moment to ask him a few questions. You will be glad you did. I am off to the store in a few, the wind is kicking up and it looks like we may get a little bit of moisture today. Hope to see you there soon. Susan
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