Fungi Perfetto!

Last Thursday, my last day as owner of The Flower Tree, was one of those life changing events. So where does this "always a garden girl" choose to go on her first week as a "part timer". To a nursery of course. Bob and I packed up the apartment and off we went. My good friend Melissa who owns Every Bloomin' Thing in Susanville has been my mentor, partner in travels and very dear friend for the last 12 years. She had just returned from a three week trip to Italy, so over a fabulous dinner and some amazing vino, we viewed the many photos and a couple videos from her journey.

Right now I want to talk fungi though. Dinner tales. Mel has been growing this giant oyster mushroom for awhile now. She has already taken many cuttings off of it, and there are new starts on it now as well. I think this little kit may be on my Christmas list this year.
Get the recipe from Ms. Martha here, 

 the SIZE of this thing was amazing!!

added some extras for contrast
some people bring back souvenirs of Murano glass or silk fabrics from Italy~  Mel.......cheese, olive oil and wine. We substituted this Pecorino, a cheese made from sheep's milk, for the Taleggio. The entire outside was crusted with peppercorns and it was layered throughout. Melted up beautifully in with the fungi....yummmmmm!!

Mel, a certified foodie, always comfortable in the kitchen
long walk before dinner just as the sun was setting, it was a beautiful way to remind me that I will have plenty of adventures to fill my time