A new day at the nursery

Yesterday was the first day we were open for the new year. I walked to the store, we only live about 1 1/2 miles away, and the temps outside were very cold but at least there was no wind. I didn't expect to see many customers yesterday, but surprisingly it was very steady and Harriet and I both enjoyed the company. This time of year I've noticed, is when people really start getting excited about the garden for the coming spring. It is cold and dreary outside, there are large storms forecast for this weekend, and you just want to hope and dream for a little bit of sunshine and greenery to be coming soon. The holidays are behind us, and the seed catalogs that stacked up by the chair in November & December are back in your lap.

I talked to one women about her houseplants and the infestation of spider mites that she had brought inside with her from last summer. I probably should have discussed this in the September newsletter, and have made a note to do so next year. When your houseplants have been outside for the entire summer you need to take a few precautions when you bring them back in the house. The eggs that the bugs have laid on them will start to hatch when brought into your warm and comfy home. You can avoid that by spraying with an organic solution, or using a granular systemic before bringing them in the house. If they are in the house now, and you are either seeing the signs of little gnats or spider mites on your plants, you can still treat them now and take care of it. It is just so much easier to do it outside before you bring them in for the winter.

Today is yoga day at The River House behind the store. If you have been thinking about coming to a class, remember that Julie offers your first class at no charge. Stop by sometime and check it out. You might just become hooked like I have. Classes will now only be on Tuesday and Thursday mornings as she has been offered a position at the college also. When it warms back up she will again do a class outside in the River Garden as well.

Have a great day and stay warm! Susan