Pruning with Jay

Saturday, February 23rd

I want to thank Jay Davison for once again giving us an awesome pruning workshop. This is the seventh year that Jay has assisted us with this class and every year I learn so much more about pruning. Plus it is such a great refresher for what I "thought I knew". This picture was taken out in our new shade tree lines where we have a gorgeous pink flowering crab apple already planted. The tree had been planted as a memorial to Norma Cooper in the spring of 2005, and while I wanted the new tree lines, I was pretty hopeful that we would not have to try and move this tree to achieve them. With Jay's help we were able to prune up some of the lower branches, and hopefully re-direct some of the new ones that will come on. Our thanks to one of our wonderful gardener friends, Jim Kapner, who attended and took some pictures for us.
I am including some websites from the handout that Jay gave us. There is some great info, just copy and paste into your browser if they won't click from here. I will also add them to our website. If you weren't able to make it the class and would like a handout, just stop by the store. We still have some left at the counter in the green room. Happy Pruning, Susan

Useful Web Sites for Pruning

Fruit Trees


Shade Trees