Pot vs. Ground ~ Perennials

If ever I needed a reminder to get my perennials in the ground by late summer, this is it. I planted both of these 1 gallon plants "Erysium Cheiranthusat" Common Wallflower, at the exact same time last year. One in a pot, the other in the ground. They are located about 12" away from each other. They get the same sunlight, the same watering, it is all done by hand in this area, and the same nutrients during the growing season ~ liquid sea kelp. As you can see by these pictures the one in the ground has done tremendous. It stayed pretty green all winter and it has already set it's wonderful purple buds for this season. The one in the pot stayed semi-green all winter with minimal hand watering (no hand watering for the one in the ground) has no flower buds yet and is definitely struggling.

Why show this? This was an experiment last year. I wanted to see how the exact same plant would do under two different conditions. I think I will go back to putting mostly annuals in my pots or if I do choose perennials, I will make sure and take them out of the pots and get them in the ground by early August so they have a chance to get their roots established some before winter slumber. Till next time, Susan