Sunshine on my shoulder.......

What does a garden center owner do when she has a day off at home? Garden of course! I spent today in my own garden ~ taking advantage of the sunshine and warm temperatures. Like most of you, I had an abundance of spring chores that still needed finishing. With a cup of coffee in my hand I headed outside about 7:30, with the sun just starting to fill the day with warmth. I knew if I didn't get outside and get going, the chores from "inside" would start to take over. I filled up the bird feeders, an every other day event around here, and then with rake in hand I started to warm up the body. I moved on to the pruning and fertilizing and mulching and before I knew it, lunchtime was upon me.

There is something about this first major spring clean-up that always fills my heart with joy. The renewal of the season, the first signs of the daffodils blooming, the birds chirping, the perennials peaking up from under the warm winter blanket and yes, even the raking. Birds chirping, the wind chimes providing harmony and the fountain singing backup ~ ahhhh ~ music to my ears.
While raking around one of my perennial beds my eye was drawn to a flash of bright green. I have lined the bed with old glass insulators that Robert had in the garage for about 25 years. This is my "Moon Garden" and I thought that they would pick up the light on a full moon. Most of the plantings in this bed are in shades of white and silver and it really is quite pretty on a full moon evening. Back to the bright green ~ it seems that a few of them have become little mini-terrariums. Seeds have sprouted, not sure what yet, and they are living quite nicely in the warmth of the glass. It's these kind of little surprises that make gardening so enjoyable.

No day of gardening would be complete without a relaxing end. I found mine under the gazebo, a book in my lap and joy in my heart. Hope your early spring finds the same for you. Tomorrow it's back to the big garden, see ya there, Susan.