Home & Garden Show 2008

Sometimes your emotions just get the better of you, and your eyes tear up. This is exactly what happened to me last night as I was led blindfolded to the front of the booth that Lucia and Michelle have created for the 8th Annual Home & Garden Show here in Fallon.

Starting very early in the day Friday, Michelle and Lucia started pulling all the product that they would take down to the convention center to use for this years creation. I watched as huge boxes full of organics, books, and gift shop items were packed and placed by the front entrance. Large metal arches taken down and moved, water features planned, banners located and flowers ~ flowers ~ flowers chosen. Husbands were called for assistance to move the huge cabinet that was needed for a focal area, thank you Ron & Bill, and trees were loaded with the utmost of care. Hazard blinkers flashing, off they slowly traveled towards the convention center with the first load.

As Marlea, Kylie and I worked the garden center through the afternoon we watched as the caravan of truckload after truckload was taken by the rest of the group. We finished up closing the shop at 5:30 and headed down to see what was left to be done that we might be able to help with. Lucia & Michelle met Marlea and I at the entrance door at the back of the booth and told us to " close your eyes, we want you to see it from the front of the booth for the first time". With things brushing our legs we slowly made our way through the 20' of space, and then ~~~"Ok, turn around and Open Your Eyes", and when I did, I stood before what has to be absolutely the best booth we have ever created. I use the "We" literally of course. The beautifully created booth was done by Lucia & Michelle, with creative impute from Kimmie and Jamie. Completely finished and ready to go, it was breathtaking!!!!! Marlea and I just stood with our eyes wide open, trying to take in all that was accomplished in such a short period of time. One of the highlights of the booth has to be the "Mother Earth" that was built by Lucia. Breathtakingly beautiful with a dress made of cascading flowers.

We had begun putting together this years theme while we were in Atlanta at the gift show in January. Something at one of the stores caught our eye, and it just started to come together. But taking the thoughts of "Hey, why don't we do a Mother Earth - organic gardening " theme this year, and turning it into what will be presented to you this weekend, was sheer genius. Words are not enough to relay the creative talents of these two women! I hope you get a chance to see it, and savor the scents of the roses as you stroll through the booth. As our tradition, we toasted the booth with a glass of wine, this years choice, organically grown LadyBug Red of course.

We ended the evening with a wonderfully relaxing BBQ here at the house. Robert outdid himself getting everything prepared and ready for when we all got here. A cool breeze blowing, and the birds chirping in the background, we settled into chairs, and relived the days events ~ anxious now for the weekend to start. It's a wonderful family we have here, The Flower Tree Family! Hope to see you at the show. Susan.