Spring has Sprung

Even though I am sitting here now wondering if it is going to freeze tonight, the day was filled with so much sunshine I don't mind. We unloaded 3 trucks today, flowers first, veggies next, and trees and shrubs right before closing tonight. The first arrival of plants from Southern California fills the sides of our parking area and tomorrow we will search for a place to put them all. Hydrangeas with mop head flowers as big as a soccer ball, smoke bushes in full purple plumage......oh the fun!

Tomorrow we start the huge movement of product down to the convention center here in Fallon. It is the 8th Annual Soroptimist Home & Garden Show, and this will also be the 8th time that we participated. I can still remember Patty, Marlea, Robert and I carting truckload after truckload down there to make our display. Where do the years go? Now the displays are all down by the hugely creative Michelle & Lucia, and Marlea and I stay back at the homestead, so to speak, to talk with people as they return to see the garden center after viewing a small portion of our selection there. It is a crazy fun weekend, and as is our Flower Tree Family tradition, we will all gather after the set up tomorrow for a good dinner, and lots of laughs. We hope to see you at the show. Till next time, Susan