Day 1 Chicago

Day 1, Chicago – August 16th, 2008

We are on our way to the windy city. Although thunderstorms were originally forecast, the pilot has informed us that clear skies will await us. Melissa, my friend that owns Every Bloomin Thing’ in Susanville, Ca, is with me on this adventure. I have only been to Chicago once before, last spring for a short - but wonderful - 4 days with my daughter Sara, and I loved it. The architecture, the arts, the people, the museums, the parks….and on and on. I am looking forward to experiencing it with Melissa.

We have been brainstorming for the past 3 hours of our flight. We haven’t really gotten to see each other the entire spring/summer gardening season so we have a lot to catch up on. Our businesses are very similar in size, and gardening in her area is also a challenge with poor soil conditions, hot dry summers and cold winters. She has been an amazing mentor and source of inspiration to me, and I have learned over the last eight years of our friendship to soak in as much of the knowledge that she has regarding this wonderful business we both enjoy.
Our first stop will more than likely be a good coffee shop. After delays getting through security this morning we didn’t have time to get a good cup of coffee before we got on the plane at 6am. The lucky thing for a tall person like me though, was finding the exit row seats empty as I boarded the plane. We grabbed them! And it’s been a comfy ride so far.
Next stop……Chicago

We're Here!!!! Absolutely beautiful weather, not a storm in site...we got checked into the hotel and then hit the streets walking. I shot this picture of the new Trump Tower, mostly for the view of the reflections. Our hotel is just a block from Michigan Avenue, the Magnificent Mile, so we thought we would see the sites. Both Melissa and I are "People Watchers", we love to try and figure out where someone is from, what they do for a living, etc, and this is definitely the place to do that. We happened on the "Fashion in Bloom" project and I got a few shots before my camera battery gave out. More of those tomorrow. Amazing. Till then, Susan

Every, and I mean EVERY corner has the most beautiful arrangements of color and texture. This is Bright Lights Swiss Chard in full show.

Part of the "Fashion in Bloom", every block has a different display where an artist has created their idea of fashion. As a fan of Project Runway, I am really enjoying the creativity involved here and will post lots more of these when we get back there this week. Yep, that's real hair for the bottom of the skirt. Wow!!!