Tahoe........an ahh moment in time.

I have just returned from four days up at the south shore of Lake Tahoe. For the last eight years or so, a group of us girls have gotten together to spend time up at the lake. We ride our bikes, we read.....a lot...., have ice cream by the shore, we swim and hike, eat great meals, and of course fill our evenings with wonderful conversation and giggles. Some years there are ten of us, others just a couple....this year found four of us gathered around a water soaked log, soaking up the sun with our feet in the water.

It takes times likes these to help me unwind, to really listen to the trees and the birds, relax into the moment..and just ....be. I am so very fortunate to be surrounded by an amazing circle of friends. Both in and out of the nursery. We share common histories, whether it is children that spent 12 years together on the swim team, husbands that worked together for years, or common friends that brought us together and have since moved away. I truly cherish our moments in time, and I will look back on this last week, as I have so many others, with incredible fond memories.

See you in the nursery soon, Susan