East Coast travels

We arrived in Boston bright and early on an absolutely gorgeous Fall day. Sun shining and cool breeze blowing we picked up the rental car and settled in for the short tunnel ride under the bay that would take us into the city. We had decided to take advantage of the early morning hour, 7am, and the fact that it was Sunday, to visit a few sites and hopefully avoid some crowds before we headed south to my Aunt Sue's home in Duxbury. I am traveling this trip with my very dearest friends Kathy and Charmaine. We have traveled many, many miles together over the last 20 years - and with common interests, love of history, gardening and antiques - it makes for a great trip.

We cruised around the downtown area and the financial district before the waterfront area called to all three of us, so after coffee fortification and a great breakfast at a local corner shop, we set out walking along the waterfront trail that leads towards the The North End. This area of Boston is made up of small blocks, all different shapes, and they don't really seem to connect in any certain pattern. What at first seemed to be a big puzzle though allowed us to saunter around at our own pace until we eventually saw some signs for the Freedom Trail. We followed those signs for the better part of the morning, humbled by the history presented before us. We stood in awe at the architecture that greeted us around every corner, the gardens that were cleverly tucked into tiny side yards, the colors of the trees as they displayed their Fall wardrobe, and the history that oozes out of every cobblestone. One of our most amazing moments was found at Copp's Hill Burial Ground, where Charmaine located one of her ancestors graves.

We ventured over to the Market area before leaving the city, and the empty streets that had greeted us early morning were now a thing of the past as it seemed that half of the cities population was out to enjoy the beautiful weather. We did get a great tour of Faneuil Hall and the Quincy Market before heading out of the city though. We could easily spend weeks here taking in all the sites and sounds of this beautiful historic city, but..........

It is on to Duxbury.....and the beauty of the sea that will greet us. Till then, Susan

(Pictures posted during this trip can be attributed to all three of us, but the best ones.....are Kathy's. )