The Giant Pumpkin

This years Giant Pumpkin arrived last week, huge as any we have had before. Scott Goodpasture, of Pioneer Farms, grows us a beautiful specimen every year on his land down on the river. We wait in anticipation to see what shape we will get and this year is a beauty. Thankfully we had some strong assistance the afternoon he arrived with it, thanks Dan, so we were able to get it off the truck with little trouble. It now graces the front of the store where it will be on display until the week before Halloween. Then it will be off to Michelle's house, where she will work her magic on it to create the largest Jack-O-Lantern in town.

Don't forget to stop by and guess it's weight. We are giving away two gift certificates this year, one for the adults, and one for the 12 and under group, to the person who guesses the closest to its actual weight. Scott even sealed up the envelope so we can't peek! We will be dividing up the seeds come spring, if you would like to try growing your own, just let us know. Happy Fall, Susan