The Call of the Rake

There comes a time in every young mans life when he must take up the rake. He either enjoys it, or hates it. I am proud to say that my grandson seems to love it, and has all the makings of a fine gardener. The only time a frown found his face was when we had to stop for a few moments to get the required picture. Then it was back to the leaves, the compost pile, and the bugs.

This has been an extremely warm winter so far, and the rolly-pollys are already out in force in our yard. We watched as they scooted across the flagstone, basking in the sun the same as we were. "bug...bu...bu...bug...bu" the words come fast and furious as the little man tries to figure out just what this little thing is that is crawling across his newly raked path.

We filled up the bird feeders for the fifth or so time this week, checked the water bowls, and then found ourselves enjoying some time in sun. Life doesn't get much better than this.

Tomorrow the kids head back east to their home in Maine. There is forecast of below zero temperatures and lots of snow for them. Cash's raking days back home will be coming soon though, and he has the experience now to be a big help to his Mom & Dad.

I'll miss my partner in the leaves. Somehow the bugs just won't hold the same attraction. See you soon, Susan

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