New Varieties from Mewaldt's Organic Seeds

As promised, here is a small sampling of the varieties that will be available from Mewaldt's Organic Seeds. Stop by and take a look at the complete selection next time you are at The Flower Tree. These plants are KNOWN PRODUCERS in our area of the high desert. Bill & Korena have been perfecting these plants for over 15 years.

Plant for Success in the High Desert

Korena’s Roma Tomato determinant – 80 days ( Bill named this one after Korena)Originally Roma VF , ours is descended from the lone survivor of a virus kill off in our Roma patch over 15 years ago. It is a very productive paste tomato with real tomato flavor and disease tolerance better than the original.

Homesweet Tomato determinant – 80 days Vigorous vines form medium to large round red fruit with thick, full flavored, sweet juicy flesh. First set yields heaviest but will continue setting until frost. This has become our favorite red tomato for our table as well as for sun drying and filling our CSA baskets. Over ten years of selection here in Fallon make this one a reliable producer of excellent quality fruit, even under poor conditions.

Boxcar Willie Tomato Indeterminant – 80 daysHuge red beefsteak tomatoes taste as good as they look. Our seed came from a long-time organic gardener in Washoe Valley. Most fruit are over one pound

Cuban Yellow Grape Indeterminant – 90 days
Small yellow grape tomatoes are born on trusses so numerous that when the crop comes in, from a distance the plants look more yellow than green. These juicy sweet little cherries are often the favorite of the youngest kids.

Snow White Cherry Tomato Indeterminant – 75 days
These ivory colored cherries are productive, easy to pick, crack resistant, and tasty. They have enough acid to perk up the flavor missing in many “white” tomatoes.

Sweet Chen Basil - 65 days
This bolt-resistant, Italian variety seems to have pesto in mind as it forms large savoyed leaves, bright green and glossy with strong aroma and flavor. Profuse,
disease-free growth makes harvesting a breeze