Oat's Park gets some new trees

Today was an exciting day in our garden world. We watched as the City of Fallon crew, led by Danielle, planted some amazing new trees at Oats Park. When I was first approached by Danielle to bid for this project, I have to admit I was thrilled for the opportunity to put extremely mature trees around the park. We got the bid, specs were worked out, and here are some shots of the new trees. THEY ARE HUGE! These are the largest trees The Flower Tree has ever brought into Fallon, and I must say, I would love to have one of these beauties in my own yard. (If only I could insert a photo of Bob with a backhoe here) Fruitless Mulberries to provide shade for the ballpark, and flowering pears, that will bring loads of blossoms in the spring, and color in the fall. (Danielle standing in the shade)
Drive by, take a look. They did a fabulous job of planting these giants. See you in the garden soon, Susan