Marlea's New Path

Just when you have so much to write about, you have no time to write it. The first half of this month has flown by like the tumbleweeds that get swept up in the wind around here. Every year since we purchased the nursery - spring gets a little easier, things are streamlined a bit, and decisions are easier to make regarding quantities to order, products needed, scheduling staff etc. But nothing prepares you for the curve balls that sometimes come your way. This year, spring brought it's own huge surprise. Marlea Stout, our nursery manager for the past 9 seasons has taken a new position with the Department of Agriculture. For the past nine years I have watched as Marlea quietly took on more and more responsibility. When she originally came to us, she already held a degree in Biology that she had worked hard for from the University of Nevada. She continued her education by completing the UNR Certified Nursery program, and then went on the achieve her ISA designation with the International Arborist Association. All during this time she also kept a very watchful eye on the nursery, the inventory, the employees - and yes, on me.

I hope that we still see her often, wandering through the garden, the sun shining down on her. As I sit here and write this I can't help but feel sadness at our loss, but joy for her future as she follows her dreams. We will miss your daily presence Marlea! Love, Susan