Architecture of Vegas

Who could resist an Evening in Paris?
The newly opened City Center was one of the highlights of the trip for me. I had read about the sculpture garden in the Reno Gazette a few months ago when it opened, and looked forward to seeing it in person. I don't think we went into one of the shops in the entire complex, think Prado & Versace, but we did spend a couple hours walking with the art guidebook trying to find all the pieces listed. Below are just a few of them.

The Hot Pink Agate staircase.

View of the World Market

This building was directly across the street from the World Market, and we saw it each day from a distance when we arrived by shuttle bus. On the last day we were there we decided to walk over and get a picture of it, but we couldn't get very close as it is still under construction. The building is the future home of the Cleveland Clinic for brain health. The institute, started by a Las Vegas businessman whose father suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, was designed by Frank Gehry.

Didn't realize this truck was in the picture until we looked at them later that night...............