Viva Las Vegas

We are here at World Market in Las Vegas, the largest gift show on the West Coast this year. A much smaller show than the one we go to in Atlanta, but what we are finding it is a lot easier to navigate around, the selection is still fabulous, and best of all, not as many people vying for an opportunity to place an order with the reps in the showroom. Not sure if this has to do with the economy, but I like to think that is because we just have great timing when it comes time to talk with someone. As my husband would say "always the optimist, aren't you!"

A few shots from Day 1:
Now this is what I call recycled and organic! Does anyone remember the paper dresses from the late sixties?
Spring Fever Anyone? Yes we have it!!

Scarves, scarves and more scarves! Can't wait till they start arriving next week.

A cool display mix of colors and textures

All fresh flowers in this showroom.....ahh....I want my tulips, and I want them NOW!

Ordered four of these spectacular sun mirrors.......heads up Bob - one is going over our sofa.

Lucia does love bears................
What more can be said..............

Till tomorrow................we have shopping to do!