I admit, I can be an impatient last week I brought home five of these 5 gallon tomato plants that Mike Bailey grows here in Fallon. I put the milk crate next to them so you could see how tall they are. I have already planted TWICE, as most of you have, this will make the third. Started with the little 4" plants back in early April in Walls of Water, the wind blew most of them off during that terrible storm in May, so only two of those survive. Then I bumped up to the 1 gallon size in Mid-May when he brought in the Sun Gold variety, that one is doing well, but when Mike brought these huge monsters in, I couldn't pass them up. The cold snaps during the month of May have been a frustrating time for most of us. On a good note though, the herbs have been growing nicely in this cool wet season. See you in the garden soon, Susan
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