Take a morning stroll with me........

This morning I took the camera with me as I made my way through the garden. It's cool out this morning, the dark grey clouds overhead are moving at a pretty good clip, but I can see slivers of bright blue off to the west. It is shaping up to be another beautiful day in the valley. Lately the temperatures have been wonderful, high 70's during the mid-day, with perfect open window sleeping weather in the high 40's at night. Oh, how I wish we could have 5 or 6 months of this.

Back to the garden, here are a few shots from my little corner of the world......look real close at the basket to your right......this is this mornings view of the Mamma dove that has chosen the basket of petunias and bacopo on the front porch for her nest. Bob says it may be the same dove as last year as they some times return to make their nest in the same area. I don't care if he just made that up to amuse me, I like the idea.

The huge ficus from my front room has now made it back outside. Heavy and cumbersome to move, I managed to wrestle it out by myself yesterday. It loves the front porch and will grow another three feet probably this summer. I may need to have Bob put an atrium addition on before next winter just to house it.
The vinca has filled in nicely. I was worried we had lost most of it as it was so brown and dead looking in April, but I pruned it back heavily, and already it is absolutely gorgeous and fills in the 3x10' area leading up to the front porch.
Yes, I really do use cocoa mulch, and lots of it. I love the way it makes the early morning garden smell when you water, and I am sold on the fact that I don't have grass growing up through my roses anymore. It works!
These were my herb and tomato barrels last year. When my friend Melissa visited from Susanville last week she suggested I move them around and fill them with flowers this year. Sounds good to me, but first I need to let these onions finish up their growing.....they came from the kitchen compost I placed in the barrels over the winter when my tumblers were full.The herb pots by my morning sitting area are doing well. The rosemary will part of our dinner later this weekend. Yet another casualty from the wind storm back in May. My statue of the Bird Girl of Savannah actually blew over and last her head. Bob actually likes it better this way. I think he is trying to tell me something............... the pink blossoms at the bottom are creeping pink baby's breath. Fills in nicely around the roses too. ('Gypsophila Repens Rosea')Yep, we lost pipes in the freeze too. Took forever to find the leak.....now just need to get it stopped.This beautiful stone marker was given to me by my dear friend Linny. It used to grace the foot of a tree at her parents home in Danville, Ca. Now it sits under my Prairefire Crabapple.The pines are actually starting to look a lot better. I love this tree. I had originally seen it at a friends house and just had to have one. When we have them at the nursery they don't usually have as much new growth on them so they don't have that dual color that it does here. The new growth is purple, turning to green. Just striking against the backdrop of the reverse of the crapapple. (Prunus virginiana 'Canada Red')

gotta go now, the big garden is calling. See you at The Flower Tree, Susan