Beer Tasting in Jacksonville, Florida

Today we went to Grassroots Natural Market in the Riverside area of Jacksonville. Sara and I had happened upon the store while searching for some vegetarian treats during my last trip in July, and I have been telling Bob about the beer selection there ever since.
The Tasters: Shelley Kelly /Travis Thompson /Bob, the "Beerzilla" Henderson

1. Old Engine Oil - Harviestoun Brewer / Scotland : 8%.
B: Definitely roasty and chocolaty, not impressed.
(Shelley missed this one)
T: Liked it, lighter dark beer with a slightly bitter taste. 

2.Imperial Stout/ Left Hand Brewing Company " One black beer to brighten your day" Not sure about ABV, but Bob is guessing about 6
B: Very similar to first beer but rougher.
T: definitely hoppier
S: Thought it was drinkable, not to hoppy.

3. Porterhouse Brewing Company / Red Ale/ Ireland 6%, Irish Red ale.
B: Quite effervescent, didn't pour a big head but still bubbly, nice color, nice flavor, one of the better Irish Red's I ever had
S: I thought it was very aromatic, and mellow taste.
T: Tasted like most European beers I've had, not impressed, too bitter.

#4 Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecan
B: Didn't think it had any pecan flavor at all, didn't think it was sweet, nice beer overall, surprised it tasted that good coming from Mississippi.
S: I really liked this one, sweet but not too sweet, I could taste the pecans, thought it was nutty, didn't taste much like beer.
T: Light flavor for a darker beer, with a little bit of honey taste. Very good, I liked it.

5. Rouge / Double Rouge Chocolate Stout / Rouge Ales / Newport, OR
B: I thought it was extremely delicious chocolate malty, bittersweet chocolate, it was VERY, VERY GOOD, 8.7% ABV
S: I thought that one was phenomenal, it was like a toasty super dark chocolate.
T: Bitter chocolate taste, but smooth at the same time.

6. Lagunitas / Imperial Stout / Launaitas Brewery / Petaluma, Ca.
B: ABV 10.14%, It's a classic imperial stout; pours a very nice head, beautiful lacing.
S: Has a sharp flavor and roasty overtones.
T: Extremely bitter, don't really like it, Bob will finish it.