Gardening in Sunny Florida

 One of the best things about visiting with the kids in Jacksonville is that they are still landscaping their new home. This time our attention was turned to the front yard. Travis had been wanting a shade tree to block the hot southern Florida sun in the summer, and Sara wanted something to "pretty up" the curb appeal. I think we managed to please both of them. After driving around and seeing what other homes had planted, and listening to the kids wish list, Cash and I traveled to a nursery down the road to see what they had to offer. Believe it or not, in November the nurseries in Florida are shutting down for winter. We found a few things that he liked, mostly sticks and rocks....then went back to the house to wait until Sara and Travis could join us. The next day we visited two nurseries, with the favorite being Hall's, just a few miles away. They still had an amazing selection of trees and shrubs and they were extremely helpful. The kids decides on a Nuttall Oak, an evergreen Magnolia, quite a few grasses, a couple camellias and of course some flowers for Cash to plant. Travis worked on digging out a large kidney shaped area and then we started planting. In the matter of a few hours everything was tucked in the ground and the next day Sara had cedar mulch delivered to complete the project. A beautiful garden, for a beautiful home that is filled with a beautiful family. What will we plant in January when I get to return and spend a few weeks with them????? hmmmmmmm
Travis and Sara deciding on grasses

Cash picking his favorite color camellia, red.

Travis and his big helper, Cash

View from the front, almost finished

Our little "Dirt Snake"