Sunny and Wonderful

(This post was written back on December 12th, but I forgot to post it. Since they are calling for snow-snow-snow, and ultra cold weather this weekend, thought it would be nice to remind myself, and my fellow gardeners, that sunny days do happen - even in winter.)

December 12, 2010: Today was one of those amazing December days in Nevada. The sun was shining extra bright, there was no winds and it was 60 degrees!! in December!!! I was fortunate to have the day to putter in my own garden. Started with raking up the thousands of leaves that still seemed to cling to the cottonwoods, and then noticed that I had bags and bags of bulbs still to be planted. After tucking tulips into every spare space of soil around the roses in the front beds, and then continuing around to the side yard, I noticed I hadn't cleaned out the large pot that sits in my morning area. I grabbed the soil scoop - has a better tool ever been invented - and started digging out the annual grasses and flowers that had been so lovely all summer. Dug out a bunch of the soil and piled it around some perennials that I had planted just a month ago, and then started layering the bulbs into the pot. Then I moved another pot over, and another pot, and another pot. Soon I had quite the arrangement going. Can't wait to see it in the spring, filled with color and the early promise of what's to come.
(Chopper always loves to help)