End of the year wrap-up

Every year at this time the paper and magazines seem to be filled with "how-to" articles that are supposed to make life easier. Business tips on taxes, filing tips for office control, exercise tips to get you up off the couch, and yes, gardening tips to get ready for next spring. This year I decided to start ripping the articles out of the paper a few weeks ago when I felt they may have some useful tips for me, and stash them on the side table by my morning chair. They are starting to stack up a little so I thought I would go through a few of them this morning and see if they still need to stay in my pile.

1. Clean out the clutter: OK, this one can certainly pertain to many areas of my life. It was written in the home section of the paper, but it really seems to have a more powerful meaning, at least to me, when I apply it to my thoughts. Mental Clutter - all those thoughts that sit there on a daily basis and are either, unwanted, unneeded, or just plain troublesome. I realized the other day, after an extremely lengthy - and insightful - discussion with my husband, that I seem to put way to much stock into words that are just "tossed out there", and don't really have an meaning other than taking up space in the wind. Do I really NEED to worry about whether the seed racks are going to fit along the wall this year, or in the middle of the aisle or, if the dogs need their booster shots 6 months from now, or should I give maybe 2 seconds thought to it, then throw it in the "thoughtcan", my new word that will help me visualize throwing the thought away.

Tomorrow: Do more of what you love, and less of what you feel obligated to do.