I rounded the corner, with regret standing there underneath the street light for all to see. I am not one to really have regrets, or at least acknowledge them as such, so it took me by surprise. Stopped myself at the next curb, and ended up parking right next to fear and disappointment. This is when I realized that my engine was still running, and I still had a lot of fuel left. I intend to use it wisely. There is no room in my life for disappointment Not when I have so very much to be thankful for. Conserving on the hills, and coasting whenever necessary I have the power to take my journey to the next level. Parking in the shade to keep myself cool, and having all the necessary tools for tune-ups, (read: travel to family and friends) and major overhauls when needed. ...........

I am not one for resolutions for New Years Eve, but I realized I do make resolutions on practically a daily basis. I resolve to swing my legs out of bed and put my feet down on the side of the good, I resolve to place my hands to my face in the morning, and if it isn't showing what I want, to actively take two fingers and pull the sides of my mouth up. I resolve to make the ordinary moments extraordinary if only by adding that extra maraschino cherry to the top of my sundae, I resolve to find the time, no- make the time to do those things that are important to those around me, including myself.

Some people draw us into their lives, whether we are ready, or able to make the journey. With Michelle leaving our daily lives to pursue her artistic talents, I have given much thought these last few days on how all of us came to play and work together. Little bits and pieces of each of us, intertwined now together to form a shawl of many colors, to drape over our shoulders when needed. We pass it back and forth, never washing off the scents of the last user, but gaining from it the strength needed to march forward in the direction our life takes us. To be surrounded by such an amazing group of personalities, I thank my lucky stars for the night they all came into my life.

And to those of us that we are privileged to call our customers, our friends, our family - May the new year bring you joy and happiness. May it bring you peace, calm and merriment. May your paths lead you to journeys filled with excitement, and may the travels that lay ahead for each of us take us in the direction that we long for. While I wrote parts of this many, many years ago, it is so very much more appropriate now, to remind myself of all the good that comes to us on a daily basis.

Happy New Year, Susan