Do More of What You Love

Part 2 in my year end thoughts takes us to Michelle.

This last month she made the final decision to retire from The Flower Tree & Red Zinnia to pursue some of her other passions that have been taking a strong hold this last year. She is an amazing watercolor artist, and many of you may have seen a few of her paintings on display in the artists gallery hallway at Red Zinnia. I have quite a few hanging in my own house also. I think she always knew she had the talent, but it wasn't until she decided to take a class at the community college two years ago that everything seemed to fall into place. Now she will not only have the time to devote her energy to this creative path, but along with that, she is going to raise chickens!! That's right, RAISE CHICKENS!! When we were at the Chicago show this last August we encountered a booth that sold chicken coops. Every time I would venture down the aisle a little bit, I would have to turn around and go back to see where Michelle was, still at the chicken coop booth.............I would go a little further, turn around, go back............there she was, still at the chicken coop booth.............and again the next day, "Let me just take a look at it one more time.." Seems she was taking pictures, talking to the owners, and trying to figure out just how she was going to build her own when she got back home. That is - once she figured out if legally she could have a chicken coop withing city limits. Well, it turns out she can, and so it looks like I might get some fresh eggs next spring and summer.

So follow your passion, do more of what you love. Whether it is painting with watercolors, raising chickens, or my own goals, to write more....just see where they lead you. Who knows, maybe I will see watercolor paintings of chickens on the walls of Red Zinnia someday....hmmmmmmm