Day 1 in ICY Atlanta

First stop on our journey north from Jacksonville was for lunch in Valdosta. You've no doubt seen the bumper stickers that say "We stop for yard sales". Well Melissa and I should have one that says "We stop for Historic Districts" because they seem to call to us from the interstate. It was lunch time when we ventured into Vadlosta and we drove around the blocks to find a parking space and ended up in front of this little diner, Kings Grill. There were other modern little bistros located up and down the street but I said to Mel "Come on, let's go for the local experience". My oh My, were we glad we did. Built in the 1800's, the diner itself was started in the 40's, and the original family is still serving up some good southern hospitality. Melissa went for the full experience, Southern Fried Chicken, creamed corn, broccoli casserole, okra with stewed tomatoes, cornbread and SWEET TEA. From the satisfied look on her face, I would say she enjoyed it!

We made it into Atlanta later on in the evening, on icy roads with crazy drivers, but we are here safe and sound. It is off to the show first thing this morning, more later!!!!!!!

wowShelves throughout the diner filled with memorabilia from the last 75 years. Lucia would have LOVED this diner.
You know you are in the south when the salt shakers are filled with rice. Had to explain this one to Mel, it is to keep the moisture out of the salt. Amazing little vintage and great new ideas to look for at the show.
Wine Style, a franchise that we found in Macon when we were looking for a Starbucks.
Found it!!!