Day 2 Atlanta Gift Show continues....

3 Buildings
58 Floors
6 days.........What's a girl to do?
The journey to the first full day at the gift show started with a freeway packed - icy, "skating" adventure. We are staying in Marietta, which is about 10 miles north of downtown Atlanta. We waited until the sun was shining pretty bright before we drove in, hoping that the roads would be a little clearer and most people would already be on their way. WRONG! But we made it, got checked in and received our buying badges and we hit the ground running. A few pics from the first day, much more tomorrow.

books - books - was book ordering day! a kid in a candy store, that was me..... a great thought for the day.........the week.........the year..........the life......

gobs and gobs of fun colorful gorgeous new aprons and textiles will be arriving soon..... Michelle, owner and developer of and me at her booth. I have been looking for something that I love to take the place of the Burt's Bees that we used to carry. This new Home & Body line will be arriving at The Flower Tree in March.
saw some great displays today, this one is for you Michelle!!!! few ideas for your retirement.
Ended the day at Azio, our absolutely favorite little Italian restaurant downtown. It wouldn't be the same if we didn't end our first day here with a wedge salad, Florentine raviolis and a nice bottle of Malbec.