Follow the Yellow Brick Road... to the Plant Wiz

Sooz was a busy, busy artist while I was gone to Florida. Well, actually everyone was. They repainted the entire "green" room a lovely soft white, including the roof, upgraded the displays, new curtains, new shelving, and TADA! A YELLOW BRICK ROAD! For 11 seasons now I have looked at this walkway leading to the counter and said to anyone within listening distance, "Wouldn't it be nice to have a Yellow Brick Road here, it is just PERFECT for it?", well leave it to Sooz - to listen and act! With Ashley's help she created a beautiful, whimsical rendition.
Come on in, walk down the Yellow Brick Road, you might find Sooz at the end, just one of our many Plant Wiz's. THANK YOU SOOZ, I love it!

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