Spring around the bend

What are those absolutely beautiful fragrant pink puffs in our picture today? Why that would be one of the hundreds of trees that we unloaded at the nursery this morning. Filled with the promise of Spring, this one arrived just a little bit ahead of our season here in Fallon so we tucked it up by the building to save the blossoms. But we don't mind, nope, not a bit. Pieces of it found their way home with a few of us tonight. Prunus blireiana 'Blireiana Flowering Plum'.
With Rose on the forklift, and Sooz, Candice and I on the ground, we inspected and unloaded hundreds of new trees and shrubs that will fill the nursery with the promise of more blossoms and greenery to come. It is a special day at the nursery when the first trucks of the season arrive. Usually we try and space them out a bit more, but with the storms forecast for over the hill, everyone came TODAY! Tomorrow we will get them all tucked into the lines, watered in - and then stand back and enjoy them. My how easy it is to love this business.