10 Days in my Garden

Amazing what 10 days difference can make in the garden when you live in Northern Nevada. Just a short time ago, this was the view out my bedroom door onto the deck. Early morning I got up to witness once more the white covering on my trees. It was a warm day though, so it didn't stick around too long. Just enough to give us more of that much needed moisture. My favored spot for afternoon reading took on a new meaning
and then early this morning.....

Slipped on my shoes, draped a shirt over my shoulders and walked outside to the beauty of the plumcot tree in the side yard to take some shots for today. The tree is so filled with blossoms we will be taking some off for sure so as not to break the branches this year.

I even got my fountain going yesterday. What a beautiful sunny day it was to get this going.
In between these last 10 days we also unloaded all the Spring shipment of evergreens from Oregon. HUGE thank you to my two helpers Cody C. & Cody M. My tulips I put in pots last Fall are coming up like gang busters. The perennials beds are popping up in abundance. So fun to see all the little tiny things I planted last Fall coming up all over the place. Ten days - life in Northern Nevada. and on a personal note, Happy Anniversary to my dearest.

37 years ago we started out as kids - and the fun just continues.