The River Rises

The Carson River will start to rise this week, and now we will be able to see it, thanks to the marvelous effort of a few great friends. A couple days ago I happened to mention to Mike and Rose when we were back looking at the River Garden how it would be great if we could actually see the river that is just on the other side of the picket fence. Next thing I knew Rose was "volunteering" her husband Dave and his 2 chainsaws, and Mike was offering to help him clear a path so we could at least see a 10' section or so. They started in at 9am Sunday morning, and by noon not only the 10' section, but the entire width of the River Garden was cleared, raked and burning in a neat little pile down by the waters edge. The TCID (Truckee Carson Irrigation District), for those of you that don't live here in Fallon, is getting ready to release water into the river from upstream any day now so it was imperative if this was going to happen, it happen fast. Who knew!!! just how fast it would be. A huge THANK YOU!! to Dave and Rose Faulk, and Mike McLain for making the already serene garden even more beautiful.