Sharing little joys

My daughter Sara is wonderful about sending over little links that she thinks might help me at the garden center - and life in general. Yesterday she forwarded one over that sent me down a path of link clicks that lasted for over an hour. While I don't usually HAVE an hour, the injury to my shoulder has forced me to take a back seat in the outdoor gardening department. Instead, I am filling some of that time with gardening ideas and reading. So - here is a little something I picked up today,  Sharing your bounty, houseplant style.

A couple of weeks ago one of our fellow Flower Tree followers dropped by with some begonia cuttings that were from her GREAT Grandmothers garden. Just the thought of this little plant having been alive for longer than I have somehow just fills me with joy. If you already have begonias you probably already knew how to propagate them and share, but since this was my virgin plant, I thought I would share. And share I will, a leaf off of this plant as soon as it is mature enough to do that. Mine is still in water as you can see here, another injury issue - I have plans of getting help potting it up this coming Sunday. And when it is big enough to take a cutting off and sharing, I have just the person in mind who will get my first one. Are you out there??? Is it you? Happy Soil Day, Susan