Driving through town on a Sunny day.

Wondering what some of the plants and trees that are blooming right now around town are?
Flowering quince has found a perfect spot in front of Churchill Stations. Even though this shrub loves the full sun, tucked into the northern spot here it seems to even bloom well in the shade.
Tucked under the vintage car at Farmers Insurance you will find huge clumps of daffodils, although when I went inside to say Hi and tell them why I was taking pictures of the truck I was told that the majority of them find their way onto Mark's desk.
Look for this beautiful little flowering plum out front of Mayor Tedford's office. Over the next couple weeks watch this area as all the crab apples that are planted close to this tree start to bloom.

What can you say about the forsythia blooming on both sides of Berney Realty, BREATHTAKING!
Another fine specimen of a flowering plum found on the south side of Nevada State Bank, this one I think is a 'Blieriana'. All you have to do is get close and get a whiff of the blossoms to know that the bees will have a field day in here. Plant one in your yard if you are trying to get more pollinators to visit.
And the last one for this week, judging by how many we saw when we drove around town, probably one of the most "over planted" trees in Fallon was found in front of Sandwinds. But, how do you argue with a tree that not only takes all the harsh weather we throw at it and still shows up every year with beautiful blossoms, amazing shade and incredible fall color. What do I say to flowering pears, PLANT ON!

next week: hmmmmmmm what is blooming now: TO BE CONTINUED