Giant Pumpkin Weighs In!!

Our HUGE pumpkin out front (and all our others that we had for sale this season )was grown for us again this year by Scott Goodpasture of Pioneer Farms. He weighed the pumpkin before he brought it down to the store. That's right, Scott SEALED the envelope with the weight in it so we could not peek. If I didn't know better, I would think he didn't trust us or something.
Rose sorting through the hundreds of entries

 The envelope please........
 And the winners are............IT'S A TIE!!!!
 Both ladies will receive a gift certificate for their lucky guess.
 Harriet would like to thank all of you for participating. And.....if you would like seeds from the GIANT beauty, just let us know and we will save you some. (Not this one, Harriet was to afraid to sit on the big one)