And the CAPS Winner is.....

Every few months they ask me to come into this place filled with trees and wander around. I'm pretty big, but they don't even mind if my tail hits a few things. I know there is a cat here, and I think her name is Harriet, but she doesn't really like me. I like her though.

Not sure why - but they always do this silly game called "Find the Dog Biscuit in the Papers", but I'll play along. There is usually something good at the bottom.
hmmmmm......I smell a winner......

My job here is done......time to relax!

Melinda, David and Abby picking up their new tree

 THANK YOU! To everyone who purchased tickets for the Fall 2012 CAPS raffle. It was a huge success, with $372.00 worth of donation tickets sold! To find your new best friend like Budro above, visit the CAPS Website 
Next up is our Winter Raffle, watch for info soon on the gorgeous Colorado Blue Spruce that could grace your home this holiday. Thank you again for helping us support this much needed cause, Susan