Peony time

I am a lucky, lucky gardening girl. People bring me things all the time and my garden is the recipient of many new varieties of plants that I may not have otherwise. Yesterday one of our favorite Flower Tree fans, Janice M., brought by some pink peonies that she had just divided. Her garden is overwhelmingly beautiful and she has been on our sponsored garden tour many times. Rose thought I had a bag full of dead roots to take home, so I opened it up further and showed her where the peony starts were coming off the roots. Gave her one to take home also, (that is what gardening is all about) and took the rest home to my own garden.

On the way to the spot I have picked out in my Moon Garden to plant the peonies, I had to stop and take a picture of this magnificent rose. I planted it from a little 1 gallon pot this last spring. It is now almost 8' high and stretching all over the trellis. It has been in bloom for about 5 months now. Wow oh wow, this was a great find. (Fourth of July - climber)
Staghorn sumac starting to put on it's fall dress for the party
One thing peonies like is especially rich, composted - well drained soil. From adding cocoa mulch to these beds the last couple years this spot should be perfect. Morning sun, afternoon shade. They are all planted and tucked in for winter. I can't wait to see what sprouts in the Spring. 
Well of course I had my ever faithful gardening buddy to assist........Chopper

 This is the color that Janice has told me to expect come Springtime, ahhhhhh
See you in the garden soon, Susan
Peony Fact Sheet
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