Pumpkin Planting 101

1. Find a great pumpkin, ours happen to be grown especially for us by Scott Goodpasture of Pioneer Farms here in Fallon - Many of you probably know him, he is the one that sits on the side of the road selling the "Fallon Grown -Hearts of Gold Melons" all summer.  He is also the one that grew us our GIANT pumpkin this year that is on display at the nursery. Guess the Weight Contest is going on now! Stop by and put in your entry, NO purchase necessary, and......you could win a $50.00 Gift Certificate from The Flower Tree Nursery!!!!!  We will draw the winner on Saturday, October 29th at 3pm.

2. cut off the top, CAREFULLY  (yes, that is a bandage on her hand....from an earlier practice planting)

3. scoop out all the goodies...and SAVE THEM. These happen to be going to Rose's worm bin since she had first dibs, and a bandage to prove her worthiness.
4. Pick out some flowers, (we used mums and pansies) then walk the nursery and the display garden back on the river with a pair of pruners to get all the extras that will fill out the arrangement and VIOLA! you have a beautiful and inexpensive piece  for the front porch or even Thanksgiving table.(these averaged $8.00 INCLUDING THE PUMPKIN)  We clipped cattails from the pond, Virginia creeper that was climbing up the pole behind us, dried lambs ears and even some cabbage leaves from the back veggie garden....you get it..... anything else that pulled at our creative spirits.
and if you are ever so lucky, as we are.....you have a special helper named Harriet
One of the many gardeners that stopped by to make their own creation. Korena with our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture - www.mewaldtorganics.com ) here in Fallon - The Garden Goddess
Rose with her creative centerpiece

a great time - had by ALL!


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