East Bound

Robert and I took off into the wild blue skies last week for points east. Once a year we go to the kids together, usually around Thanksgiving time. The rest of the year we split up our visits so one of us is here at the house to take care of the two businesses, hug on the dogs and watch out for freezing pipes or burning up plants…depends on the season.  While in the vacation planning stages a few months ago we realized that our oldest grandson is now the required 44" tall, so this trip we were Disney bound. A thrill seeker just like his Dad and PaPa, we couldn't take him there until he was ready for the rides.
 Growing up in Florida I have been to Disneyworld many times, including the month after it opened in 1971. Piled into my Dads borrowed (with permission) pickup, my brother driving, and a couple of close friends in tow we headed north from Miami to spend a couple days in the campground and see what all the hoopla was about. Fast forward 40 years!!! and we were heading south from Jacksonville to do the same with the kids.  Same campground, but this time it was a cabin at Ft. Wilderness instead of an old tent. The magic is still there, and of course …. everything was even more magical with a four year old in tow.  The look of wonder on his face was only surpassed by the smiles on my daughters as she watched her son. As my grandson told me in his own words after we got off the Dumbo ride for the second or third time “Nana, I think all my dreams have come true”.  Mine too Cash, mine too.


 and YES Carson, I promise we will take you again when you are four!