The BIG project - ReNew~ReCharge~ReVive

I wish I could show you some pictures...
I wish I could view it myself....
But...the project is ongoing without me while I am in Florida snuggling with the grand kids.

Before I left we pretty much gutted the gift shop at the nursery. It has been 11 years now since we opened the Creative Garden, and it was in serious need of a make over. The party started with me there in full swing, the music going, the liquids flowing (coffee), everyone laughing and talking all at the same time throwing out ideas and suggestions.

Over the course of a few days, the walls were emptied, the cabinets moved out, holes patched and hooks taken out of the roof, product donated to our local thrift store that we no longer were going to carry, decorations for the winter season packed up and put away, walls washed down........and then.......I GOT ON A JET PLANE AND HEADED EAST.

So just like you, I will be TOTALLY SURPRISED, and amazed when I get back to Fallon. The creative souls I am surrounded with have been incredibly busy. Throw in some amazingly talented friends that assisted them and you get the picture, a huge change IN STORE.

Friday, January 20th,
 Don't miss it!!!