Cash is anxiously awaiting for
 Daddy to get off the plane
at NAS Jax
Release; The Art of Letting Go

As some of you may know, I have been in Florida while the major transformation has been taking place at The Flower Tree. Before I left we spent the first week of 2012 moving everything out of the gift shop, packing up the small amount that was left after the holiday sale, removing everything off the walls and getting ready. Ready for ReNewal, ready for ReCharge and ready for ReViving the area. We haven't done any major remodeling to the shop for the last few years and it was in dire need of a makeover. After we picked out all the paint colors (by painting numerous different colors all over the walls) and chose the wood to use for some projects - I boarded a jet plane and took off for points east. January and July are usually very slow months in Garden Center World, and it allows me the opportunity to take some much needed Recharge time of my own. The grandsons are now 4 ½ and 1 and the changes that take place between each visit are turning pretty major. We have ridden our bikes, walked the trails, cuddled and snuggled until this Nana is finally starting to relax.  My son-in-law, Travis, returned from Bahrain last night where he has been deployed for the last two months. He missed the holidays and so today is their Christmas in Jacksonville. The tree is still up and the presents are to be opened and while we certainly will be celebrating the season, we are celebrating his return so much more.

The title of this post is what I have also  been working hard on this last two weeks since I arrived here in Florida. It is …Release….
Those that know me well also know that I like to have my hands in things around the nursery. It has pretty much consumed me these last eleven years, I think in a good way, but consumed never the less. To have a project ongoing at home, a project this large that is taking place without me has been a tough one. When I got on the plane to fly east I had my note pad out making notes, I was working on the website, I was busy flipping through the catalog for the trade show I will be attending this coming weekend…….and then I landed in NanaWorld…..and all of a sudden the decisions of back home took a backseat. It wasn’t because I didn’t care, and it certainly wasn’t because I didn’t want to be involved….here comes the big part…it was BECAUSE I AM SURROUNDED BY MIRACLE WORKERS.  Every one of the beautiful spirits involved with making this transition take place has been in my thoughts daily. I KNOW HOW MUCH WORK it takes to achieve the look and feel of what we envisioned. I cannot say enough, THANK YOU! But I will keep trying, every day I walk in, even if they aren’t there and only Harriet is there to greet me, I will be saying thank you, thank you, thank you!

and yes,  just in case you are wondering........I am releasing..................