ACRE, more than enough room

Beautiful wine glass adornments from Canada
(Forgot to post this one up, but just as well because now some of these artists work is already finding its way into the shops, and your homes )

Just finished up the ACRE show here in Orlando today. I am a huge Etsy Fan (thank you goes to Sara & Jaime for that little addiction) so when the I realized this show would be going on in Orlando while I was in Jacksonville visiting the kids, it seemed kind of a "feed two birds with one seed" type of trip. I talked my traveling buddy Melissa (Every Bloomin Thing Nursery - Susanville) to fly out and join me and she readily agreed. The only time she had ever been to Florida was the short trip last year before we left for Atlanta so we had some sites to see!
SolMate socks from Vermont and North Carolina, all recycled materials COTTON
Good Fortune Soap, lovely young woman from Tennessee ~ Jennifer Jack, found her passion and is making it happen
hand blown glass hearts from Luke Adams, Massachusetts
The ACRE show was put on in combination with the Orlando Gift Show, and the Orlando Cash & Carry show.....but ACRE was our pull. The American Craft Retailers are a group of artists that have a huge presence on ETSY as well as through the Wholesaleers Craft Association. Enough of the acronyms, why did we want to go....It is HOMEMADE, MADE IN USA, artistic and original...all of the things we search for for the shops. So even though we leave for the big gift show in Las Vegas next week, I wanted you to see a few of the things that will find their way into the store in the next week or so.