Some favorites.....

I am in a "tree kinda way" right now. I've been crossing my "T's" and dotting my "I's" in final preparation for the huge shipment of trees that arrive next week. All the orders are put in, all the specifications have been gone over, the tree lines tightened up and ready, IT'S SHOW TIME!

I thought it would be fun to highlight a few of my favorites that will be coming from the growers next week.. Anyone that has ever driven by my house in the spring knows that I LOVE CRAB APPLES! No other tree in our valley will give you such a show. Beautiful blossoms for weeks in Spring, gorgeous foliage all summer, and amazing arrays of Fall color. This one below is one of my favorites. I can not resist its vibrant pink-red flowers surrounded by deep dark purple foliage! The rich red fruits, orange-red fall color, and interesting bark provides all-season appeal. Outstanding disease resistance makes this "easy care" crab apple a jewel in the landscape! Plant with confidence. It's super hardy for our cold temps and it will out perform most trees in your landscape. Enjoy!! and oh yes, I have ordered plenty of them!!! 
Royal Raindrops® Crabapple Malus
Height: 20'
Spread: 15'
Zone: 4

Tomorrow, more color for your garden.........
Photos by: J. Frank Schmidt & Son